Thursday, February 4, 2010

People are funny

Y'know, I think all the 'Hardcore' and 'Industry' people have finally realized that the Wii isn't a fad, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Why else would there be all sorts of hubub about the Wii2 or WiiHD? Why do people insist that it's always coming out next year despite Reggie and Iwata saying otherwise? Because they've changed tactics. "Wii is a fad" and "Nintendo is going 3rd party next year, all hail the year of the Playstation" have become "Wii HD will come next year, the PS4 will come to deliver us from evil." Xbox 360 and PS3, despite doing reasonably well, have bombed (especially compared to the Wii,) so everyone's given up and is instead looking forward to the "next gen" consoles, the "Xbox 720," the "PS4" and the "WiiHD" (which is the same thing, just HD, because Nintendo's a generation behind, of course. I have no idea what 'next gen' Xbox/Playstation systems would even have to offer; they're already HD, would they just be complete computers now, except you have to pay for everything you get free on a PC?).

Nintendo is making a new console? I'm so shocked, especially since history has shown that they start working on the next console virtually on release day of their latest one. You mean we can assume that they did the same with this one? I mean that's what they do with their games; Mario Galaxy 2 was in production just after Mario Galaxy launched. Zelda Wii was in production almost as soon as Twilight Princess was out the doors. Nintendo just likes to keep things secret, so that we're oblivious through the 2-4 years it takes to make a game, rather than demanding it get released Tomorrow. You mean they have the same policy when it comes to their consoles?

Everyone loves to hate on the above video with "dyr hyr, Reggie sez peoplez don't want HD again, LOLXORZ!!11!" or their other such nonsense, but it seems nobody seems to have heard (or didn't they didn't want to hear) the part where Reggie says this:

"We've gone on record to say that the next step for Nintendo in home console will not be to simply make it HD, but to add more and more capability, and we'll do that when we have totally tapped out all of the experiences for the existing Wii, and we're nowhere near doing that yet."

Now, what I've italicized, and especially bolded, does that sound to you like someone who is planning to announce a new console in two months? I dare one of you out there to count how many people actually quoted and acknowledged that last part of Reggie's statement.

Moving on to what I haven't italicized, doesn't that sound like what that supposed 'leak' quotes Iwata with, that the next console would be more than just HD? How exactly do their quotes equal "New Nintendo console with more than just HD being announced at next Game Developer Conference"? Why would Nintendo do such a thing, despite what Reggie (and Iwata) says otherwise? What on earth would possess Nintendo to even consider releasing a new console, against all business sense, with the Wii and DS both still selling like hotcakes?

No, what Reggie's saying, what Iwata's saying, is that they don't plan to release a successor to the Wii (or DS) anytime soon. What they're saying is that they assume that by the time Wii and DS sales decline enough that they do release new systems that enough people will have HD TVs that HD will be the standard (and not just the standard of rich young adult males), so of course it will be HD. That will be expected. They're trying to think of something completely new to bring to the table (as they did with the Wii).

I understand now why Malstrom has so much fun laughing at these people.

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