Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think I'm gonna be sick

Ugh, what is this space-marine game and what the heck is Samus doing there?

Do developers really think that Metroid Prime 3 sold the most out of the trilogy due to its (sub-par) space marine 'story' added in?  It was the worst part about the game, and one of the many things that keeps it from being the best (for all it has working for it.)

That being said, some the rest of the screenshots look pretty promising, and I do think I'll still buy it.

Wait, what was that? Did someone say something?

Within the first hour of the game, you're introduced to a handful of characters, including a number of folks from Samus' past. Without giving too much away, the game begins when Samus answers a distress call from a partially destroyed space station. Once she arrives, she finds that the Galactic Federation has already arrived and is composed of her former crew members. A voice-over shown in a flashback explains that the now-bounty hunter had left the Federation due to an "incident," surely to be explored later in the game's story.
 Really? Well, it might still be good, despite the cutscenes.  I'll wait and see.

This focus on cut-scenes and dialogue was striking and unexpected, if not alarming. In these opening scenes, Samus speaks more, and is spoken to more, than in all previous Metroid titles combined.
....Okay, on the other hand, I think I'll rent it first.

killing enemies will no longer provide you with health or missiles. Instead, tilting the Wii Remote vertically and holding "A" can replenish your supply at any time. The same can be done for health as well; if it dips into the red, tilting the remote and holding "A" will replenish one energy tank. Also, weapon and suit "upgrades" won't be found through exploration. Instead, in the sections I played, the Commanding Officer of the Galactic Federation (whom you'll be working alongside) "authorized the use of" morph ball bombs.


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