Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nintendo Direct and Zelda U



Sometimes I think Nintendo is purposefully trying to troll me.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Have you ever been abandoned by your childhood hero?  Have you ever seen what was once great fall from grace so completely so as to become almost unrecognizable as the greatness it once was?

I have been struck by a perverse apathy as of late.  I feel it is only fitting that I mention what has, at least temporarily, shaken me out of it.

It's in the mail, so we have yet to see if the purchase was remotely worth it.  I happend upon this find while wondering why on earth Amazon thinks I would want to purchase this abomination:

I hate this thing.  I despise all that it represents, and I loathe everything about what the series "The Legend of Zelda" has become.

I still feel a deep, burning rage every time I remember that the current producer of the Zelda series is the guy in charge of the infernal Water temple from Ocarina of Time.  A man who has admitted to not only never finishing the original Zelda games, but being unable to kill the octoroks.  This is the man in charge of the future of the series.  This man, whose experience of video games comes from Japanese PC 'adventure' games.

I must admit that Skyward Sword actually managed to be not terrible, though still vastly undeserving of its name  Although, every time I see its art style, I am always reminded of something.

Nonetheless, The Legend of Zelda and Theology looks promising, and I hope to post again soon with my thoughts on it.