Saturday, February 13, 2010

People are Funny #4, the next step?

So, American television went entirely digital last year, and after enough pushing "HD" this and "HD" that, along with HDTVs becoming cheap enough that families can spend their vacation money on one, the industry must be feeling secure.

What's next though? People are starting to buy HDTVs and they are getting cheaper. Why, the next move is 3-D of course! With James Cameron's Avatar passing Titanic for highest grossing film of all time (which isn't too hard when $10 each 3-D tickets constitute around 81 percent of total sales) the industry is ready to shove a new over-expensive completely superficial technology at us! I mean, it makes so much sense! The reason that 3-D didn't take off in the 20s or 70s or whenever else they've tried this nonsense had nothing to do with the fact that not everyone has two fully-functioning eyeballs, nothing to do with the many people who already have glasses, no, it's because the picture wasn't good enough!

This will fail. It will fail miserably. I will laugh when it does, just as I did when I read the article above claiming that TV makers and networks, not consumers, are ready for 3-D. I'm actually a little bit giddy; I've been thinking about the possibility of disrupting TV and movies, and this will only alienate more people.

To change their article title: Internet bloggers say market is ripe for Disruption

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