Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A plea for Nintendo

I know you have guys working on the new Zelda. I know that Eiji Aonuma is now the guy in charge of development, and I know that these guys love to put puzzles and trains into a fantasy Action/RPG because Mr. Aonuma's son likes it.

But please, PLEASE do something for me. Not just me, but every fan of your beloved series.

I've had Wii Sports Resort sitting around for a while, and I haven't played it much since I bought it, but today I decided to pull it out. I tried something that I hadn't played before, the "challenge" under the swordplay option.

DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN ZELDA WII! I can't express in words the amount of fun that I had playing the challenge mode, but I can say that the amount of fun I had wasn't in just playing the game; while I was playing I envisioned a full game devoted to this sort of combat system, dreamed of one day playing as Link, cutting down enemies left and right. The glee I felt playing, the satisfaction when I finished a level, I haven't felt these lately outside of New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

Please, I know I don't speak alone, and I know that with every Zelda game you make, more and more of your loyal fanbase leaves. Spirit Tracks was the breaking point for me. Despite the train I still had hope, but I put it down after I made it through the first dungeon and haven't picked it up since. I doubt I will be picking it back up anytime in the near future. One can only take so much. I have a glimmer of hope still deep within, waiting for more information on Zelda Wii, but given what you've let fly in recent games, I suspect that that small glimmer will be finally extinguished.

You are not immortal; despite what the 'hardcore' 90's crowd says, people will not keep buying whatever you put out simply because it's got your brand. The reason we've been sticking with you all these years is because of your consistency in putting out good games. Your current games aren't necessarily bad, but they aren't the same franchises that put you at the top, though they may share the name or look.

Please, make a New Legend of Zelda. The sales of both New Super Mario Brothers DS and Wii should not surprise you; these are the games we've been waiting for. Make a "new" Legend of Zelda, a "New" Starfox, and give me a reason to buy them, and not the ones on the Virtual Console instead. Learn from the success of New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

Aonuma is killing your franchise, and I wish you could see that. Put a leash on him before it's too late.

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