Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An e-mail for malstrom

No, it's not from me.

First of all, I find it hilarious that this guy's suggestions are almost exactly what the 'leak' says, only furthering my point.

Here's a clip of what he said about Link's Awakening:

The next interesting bit is that Ganon is not the villain of the game. Third, there is no Princess Zelda, and fourth there is no Triforce, and fifth, there is no Master Sword.


He then pretty much goes on to itemize what he wants in a Zelda game, by listing things you can do in The Elder Scrolls series.

I don’t want one kingdom to explore. I want many kingdoms. I don’t want just a village, I want to explore remote settlments, colonies, traverse hostile wilderness, accidentally come across an encampment of bad guys and have to fight them. I want diverse habitats and ecosystems.
I want the freedom to either storm into a fort full of badguys with a sword in one hand and a bomb with a lit fuse in the other. Or I would like the ability to use a hook and rope to rappel up into the fort and try to sneak through.
There shouldn’t be any “dungeons.” Maybe I need to storm a castle to get an important item. Maybe I need to raid an underground catacomb filled with zombies or mummies to get an item. Maybe infiltrating a monastary requires Link to leap and bound over the surrounding rooftops before sneaking in through the bell tower. Maybe I have to haul ass on my horse to intercept a bunch of ruffians in order to save a fair maiden they kidnapped. Maybe I have to sneak into a prison to rescue an old man who has information I need, or whatever.
When I start the game I want to look like a wimp, and then by the end of the game I want to see Link wearing armor, and his Master Sword needs to glowing so bright that it could be used as a lamp in dark places. I want a visual progression to help emphasize Link’s progression through the game, and display the ultimate culmination of all his trials and tribulations. If a guy in a green tunic came up to me and told me he was about to storm a heavily fortified castle with just his sword I would laugh. If I saw a guy come up wearing heavy armor glowing with magic energy and armed with magic and weapons and more than enough gadgets to make even MacGuyver envious, I’d be more willing to take him seriously. I sure as hell wouldn’t laugh.

A guy wearing heavy armor glowing with magic energy? You mean like this?

Anyway, my reaction is similar to Malstroms, this guy doesn't want 'platforming,' because he does not want Mario. If he did, he would play Mario. Despite what he seems to be saying, he does not want Elder Scrolls V: Hyrule. He, like the rest of us, wants more action in Zelda. It's like people I've read in message boards. They seem to thing that 'enemies doing more damage' will solve the problem of 'Zelda has become too easy.' No, there is one big glaring problem with Zelda. What is the biggest complaint about Ocarina? Both Malstrom and the E-mailer mentioned this. Is it the annoying fairy? The tired story about Ganon, Zelda, and the Triforce? No. It's the freaking Water Temple. The last time I played through Ocarina, guess what? I didn't last long after the Water Temple. The main reason is probably because I forgot one key and ended up backtracking though the whole dungeon (because you have to do that to change the water level even once) to get one key.

The thing is, I think that this guy has unintentionally stumbled upon and downplayed a huge part part of the charm of Zelda. You are just a guy in a green tunic and you do storm a heavily fortified castle with just your sword. The problem in Zelda nowadays is that it doesn't feel like that anymore.

Anyone can put on magic armor and look awesome(there is another more appropriate word to use here involving bad donkeys, but I don't use that language). It takes a special kind of person, however, to be dressed in naught but a green tunic and still look awesome, be armed with naught but a sword and still kick trash and take names.

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