Thursday, January 7, 2010


What is this? A black controller? I have to get one in black if I want to get it with Wii Motion Plus?

I'm all for having Wii remotes in different colors (finally), but black? PS3 controllers are black. The 360 has black controllers to be 'cool' and to go with their black 'elite' system. Is Nintendo trying to weaken the barriers between systems? Why? People are buying the Wii because it's drastically different from the other systems. What, are they going to start putting out black consoles now?

WHAT!? They already released one in Europe!?

Bad Nintendo! Bad! Don't appeal to the hardcore, they still laugh at the lack of HD. Didn't you learn anything with The Conduit?

Alright, let me take a deep breath, all might not be lost. Malstrom's got a new article with a new thought. Nintendo seems to be planning on releasing Zelda Wii this year, when all the information we have is a piece of development art, Miyamoto's promise that it will be a 'New Era,' and Aonuma talking about flying. Not even a trailer. Could Malstrom be right? Are they just dumping the project so that they can start on a better one? One with Wii Motion Plus combat? I still think there's no hope for Zelda Wii, but there might be hope beyond that.

I'm crossing my fingers.

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