Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zelda Wii 'leak'

Deep in a secret lair, a plan is brewing....

Hm, let's see. If I were to fake a leak about an upcoming Zelda game, what would I put in it to get the fanboys excited over?

Well, it would definitely be another game staring the Link from Ocarina of Time. (known around those circles as the Hero of Time. Oh, and by the way, yes they're not just all the same guy.)

And...Yes, definitely have it not take place in Hyrule, that combined with the Hero of Time would garner hopes of Termina. Oh, no Zelda or Ganondorf, either. Because they're the 'reason the series is getting stale.' Probably have a plot not involving the Triforce, either. Brilliant!

Um, what else? Oh, oh, I know! The fairy from the concept art that everyone thinks is the Master Sword isn't the Master Sword, and she isn't annoying and always popping up like the infamous Navi from Ocarina, or Midna from Twilight Princess. I'll have them, now!

What else? Oh, yeah, I have to include what the developers said somehow! There's not the same dungeon-overworld-dungeon setup anymore. Of course, I wouldn't mention that this probably means that the overworld will be minimized (or not be there at all) like in Spirit Tracks. No, I want them to believe me, which means they have to like me.

I need to ignore what Miyamoto said about it being a 'new era' for Zelda, since that could clash with how it's the Hero of Time. He could have been talking about the dungeon setup, but still.. Oh wait! It's the Hero of Time, so time travel must play a part. It can work either way, now! Mwahahahaha!

What!? Someone beat me to it? NOOOOO! Now I have to think of something else.

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