Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Malstrom

I hate to turn this blog into some sort of Malstrom shrine, but this guy continually amazes me. For starters, on Christmas Day, he got so bent out of shape due to 'green' packaging that he declared the 'last blog entry.' Today, however, he's admitted that he'll continue his blog, though with a little less pro-Nintendo stance.

Perhaps most interesting of all, Today's post is an e-mail in which the mailer says to Malstrom "you’ve become the last bit of sanity on the complete internet," and begs him to continue the Blog. In his response, Malstrom links to a GAF thread in which virtually every other post calls him insane (with no reason for the assertion, mind you.) And in one hilarious post, one member said "Just ignore the dude, he'll go away eventually." Of course he will, like the Wii will 'go away eventually.' It's really funny how people are reacting to this the same way that they reacted when the Wii sales dropped; All sorts of glee.

Personally, I'm glad that he's decided to continue his blog, and hope that he continues, if only to keep giving these people the slaps in the faces that they deserve.

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