Thursday, December 8, 2011

Miyamoto Retires!

It's time to party!

Or maybe rock...

...dare I say, party rock?

Every fan of Nintendo should be rejoicing.  Every non fan of Nintendo should be rejoicing.  Every cynical, jaded, former Nintendo fan should be rejoicing.

Miyamoto is stepping down to work on personal projects.

There are several possible outcomes here, feel free to pick one based on which group you feel you belong to, or which one you most agree with:

- Miyamoto is finally free to pursue his own projects, making games without being shackled by games he's already made.
- Nintendo's main game series are now free of the 'creativity' of Miyamoto, free of his 'upending the tea table' for the sake of 'realism.'
- Miyamoto's new projects will spur a new golden age of Nintendo, as new game series appear as if from the aether.
- Miyamoto will finally fade into obscurity, taking with him the myth of the 'game god'
-Without Miyamoto's need for 'creativity' and 'realism' Nintendo's main franchises rocket back to the top, creating a new golden age of Nintendo.

As of now, I'm not entirely dead-set on this going either way.  Whatever the outcome, it means, finally, the death of the 'hybrid' game.  No more 3D Mario pretending to be 2D Mario, no more 'maternal instincts' for Metroid, no more Legend of Marvelous.

I have yet to make a post on Skyrim (it's far too hard to find time to so much as play the game being in college as I am) but what everybody needs to realize is that it is an adequate game.  It is standard.  It accomplishes with graphics what I have been asking for for years. Actual improvement of the models, not simply better textures.  As good a game as it is, it has no competition.  The only other Fantasy RPG out right now that even comes close in terms of popularity is World of Warcraft, a game seven years old.

"Skyward Sword" pipes up one of the four people reading this.

Oh, that was a good one! Marvelous: Skyward Sword can't hold a candle to The Elder Scrolls series, heck it can't even hold a candle to previous Zelda games! I hope the four of you reading this realize that being the 'greatest Zelda game since Ocarina of time' (something I do not argue against, possibly even advocate) is no great feat. I could make a better Zelda game than the abomination known as Spirit Tracks.  In fact I intend to.  I've been working on it for quite some time (I even named this blog roughly after it)  I've disciplined myself to say that Gravitus has the priority, but it seems I've had little time for even that, schoolwork being what it is.

I'll try and post more in the future, the semester is wrapping up and I just might have a bit more free time on my hands.

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