Sunday, October 23, 2011

The trolls are funny.

It's been a blast, not only hearing about Mists of Pandaria, but looking around the WoW forums at all the people complaining.

Why do I get the feeling there's a meeting somewhere that goes like this:

(1337man)Guys, GUYS! Blizzard is doing something new!

(Roxxorz)Pff, I hate different, let's go flame 'em!

(Trololol)Alright! Time to go troll the forums.

(1337man)I'll bounce around trade!

(Trololol)Alright, what new games can we trololol about?

(1337man)Ooh, ooh! there's the new Star Wars one!

(Roxxorz)Don't forget Guild Wars 2!


(trololol)And Skyrim.




(Roxxorz)Awz yeah!

(trololol)KUNG FU PANDER!

(roxxorz) lol

(1337man) LOL

etc. etc. etc.

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