Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why you should play World of Warcraft

Now, I know that there are many, many negative things to say about World of Warcraft (WoW.) It's a time sink.  It will ruin your life.  It's addictive and you can't stop.  Now, I'm not going to argue against any of those things, since for the most part they can be true.  WoW is not a game that you want to play undisciplined.  You must have a strict regiment of how long you're going to play if you expect to get anything else done that day.

There's also a lot of good things to say about World of Warcraft.  It's a social experience.  It encourages people to work together and play with friends.  It's fun.  Now, while all of these are valid reasons to play, especially since the recent Cataclysm expansion has made things a lot better, there's one thing in particular that I think should be adressed.

You get to punch Deathwing in the Face.
Yes, that Deathwing.

In the Face!

Just like that.

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