Sunday, March 13, 2011

Metal Man bosses

I am working on a theme for the boss fights in Metal Man: Rock and Roll, but this is not it.  This is a list of the names I've decided on for the 8 bosses (and thus their level music.)

  • Aether Falcon
  • Tempest Triceratops
  • Rampage Rhinoceros
  • Flash Bat
  • Ion Butterfly
  • Thunder wolf
  • Turbo Squid
  • Fire Hawk
These are the ones that I thought best represented the 'feel' of names that I was going for.  I have several other names that I thought didn't have that same power to them, were too silly, or just not quite as good as these.

These include:
  • Quake Hippopotamus
  • Thunder Rhinoceros
  • Cyber Shark
  • Nuclear Gorilla
  • Saber Tiger
  • Alpine Yeti
I would like to see someone make Cyber Shark vs. Nuclear Gorilla, though.  It sounds like a great so-bad-it's-good movie.  (just don't let The Asylum have it. I think Dark Maze Studios would be a better pick.)

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