Monday, March 4, 2013

How not to make Gravitus

Just imagine my surprise when a game comes to my attention, a game based in 16-bit/Snes-era graphics and gameplay, a side-scrolling Shmup that has all the markings of the classics like R-type and Gradius.

Hydorah is the game that I do not want to make.

Which is tricky, because it in many ways it is the game I want to make. Hydorah is the trap that I fear falling into, and that I must be wary of if I am to make Gravitus a reality.

This game is too hard. While I applaud any difficulty, and love the feeling of a challenge, I simply don't get that with this game.  All I get is frustration. 

Total props go to the design, (back)story of the game, and other obviously well thought-out aspects of the game.  The problem that I have is the type of game that it tries to be.

I don't want the dying-in-one-hit super hard arcade-like games, I want the SNES Console type games.  I want games that have leeway for error (because they don't get money by making you put in more coins) and that allow you to play your way, to some extent.

I want a game where making one mistake doesn't mean I have to start over, but that still punishes me if I'm acting stupid.

I understand the reasoning for the save feature, but I feel that a game like this would do far better to have a password system instead. (ideally, neither will be found in Gravitus)

Anyway, my somewhat-makes-sense-rambling will have to wait for another time.  I'll post more on this later (if I feel like it ;p)

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