Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gravitus News!

I made a post earlier about Gravitus, a video game currently in development. You may be wondering, what is Gravitus?

Gravitus is a 2D side-scrolling space-shooter. I describe it as "Starfox, but in 2D," though in reality I draw inspiration from many different shoot-em-up games (shmups).

While still very early in development, I do have an exclusive super-secret-special-pre-alpha gameplay screenshot!

It's not much, I know, but I do wish to improve.  I've got actual plans for this game. I don't want this to simply be something that I run out of steam halfway through and ends up not happening.  I want this to be a complete and full game, and I plan on actually trying to sell this thing.  For money.  To this end, I've actually written down my ideas for what I want to do with this game, and have included them below.  This list is extremely tentative and subject to change on a whim.

Goals for Gravitus

blue for alpha, red for beta, black for final

-new sprite
-fix physics
-Shooting mechanics
--bullet sprite
--'fire' sound effect
--as many as you can fire when you hit the button, but slower fire for holding down button
-death event
-'Do a barrel roll'

Level 1
--New image
--More enemies, better sprites
--Yet More enemies, better sprites, and more variety
--Stuff you can crash into
--Stuff that will just sort of push you away
–main attack
--able to kill him
--able to attack him
--Entrance animation
--Possibly new robot/sprite

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