Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spoony's thoughts on Nintendo

I love watching videos at The Spoony Experiment, though due to his use of particular language, I can't in good conscience recommend it to anyone.

This video is great though, and I'm pretty sure it's clean to boot!

I really listened in when he was talking about Zelda and Nintendo in general (about 10 minutes in)

There's so much to love in what he says in only a few minutes. I love the way he talks about how the Zelda games feel like they're in parallel universes, about how they have such a great backlog of world and characters and yet always have to do something radically different. I love how he compares Ocarina of Time to steak and the later games as "steak and potatoes," "steak with garlic bread," and so on. He just really hits the nail on the head, and I had to stop myself from cheering out loud at one point.

Anyway, his videos are great, and if language isn't an issue, I'd say check his website out. He's got a fantastic set of videos.

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